A Backpacker’s Guide to Last Minute Deals and Destinations

Backpacking in  Annapurna Circuit in Nepal.
Backpacking in Annapurna circuit in Nepal .


Planning a round the world trip or adventurous journey somewhere in the wilderness involves weeks, months or possibly even years of planning. Despite a traveller’s best budgeting intentions, these sorts of trips inevitably end up being more expensive than originally planned.

What’s more, there is always the danger of visiting a location that is overrun with tourists, or experiencing an activity that has already been done numerous times before. But thankfully, there is another option.

In recent years, last minute holidays have beenpopular among tourists for several reasons and are now becoming an increasingly attractive option for backpackers too. Here’s why:

Last minute benefits

One of the main reasons for leaving a holiday booking until the last minute is that massive savings can be made. The price of flights, accommodation, transfers and even all-inclusive deals are suddenly a fraction of their original price. For money-conscious backpackers, this could make any previously unattainable dreams a reality.

However, if you’re an open-minded traveller that just wants to escape everyday life regardless of the final destination, last minute deals can also be exciting and exhilarating. Waiting to book any trip as late as possible and letting fate decide only heightens the sense of adventure, excitement and uncertainty.

Late deal destinations

Even if looking for a last minute deal feels like spinning a globe, stopping it with your finger and choosing the nearest country, intrepid travellers will be surprised with the varied and diverse destinations on offer.

Cheap flights to places in Eastern Europe open up fantastic opportunities to visit members of the old Communist Bloc. Although it may be advisable to avoid overly political conversations with the locals, countries such as Bulgaria, Romania and even the Czech Republic have a rich and interesting history.

Further afield, several affordable flights to the Caribbean can usually be found all year round. After some island hopping, the whole of Central America is on your doorstep. Go trekking in the Costa Rican jungle or visitancient Mayan civilisation sites in Mexico; the rest is up to you.

Budget-minded backpackers only require a spontaneous attitude to enjoy the freedom of last minute deals. While it’s always a good idea to plan the framework of your itinerary, leaving yourself a little room to grab those deals pays off in financial terms and ensures your sense of excitement and wonder remains, no matter how long you’ve been on the road.