Croatia is the Home to the World’s Freshest Oysters

Lim Bay, Croatia. A bay where oysters are raised.Croatia is a fantastic summer holiday destination.  Not just the coast, famous for windsurfing and fantastic fresh oysters, but the capital city of Zagreb.

GoNOMAD just published a feature about farmers in Croatia who harvest fresh oysters on their long coastline.

Food writer Darrin Duford wanted to know more about how these delicious mollusks got from the sea to his plate, so he set out to spend time with oyster farmers on Croatia’s coast. Luko Maskaric, an oyster farmer in Croatia. photos by Darrin Duford.

“I wanted to discover more about the labor required to cultivate these esteemed oysters, so the following week, I traveled to Mali Ston, a town on an inlet near the southeastern tip of Croatia, 300 miles southeast of Istria. Mali Ston and its sister town of Ston are joined by the second longest defensive wall in the world (3.3 miles), placing a distant second to China’s Great Wall.
It was completed in the 15th century to protect salt pans that kept the nearby city of Dubrovnik financially afloat.Today, most of the area’s salt production has given way to vineyards and mollusk farms boasting such high quality that a protective wall could still come in handy.
I met with Zoran Turajlic, co-founder of the tour company Vacation In Dubrovnik, who drove me to his favorite oyster farm, owned by the Maskaric family for three generations.”
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