Some Secrets of Vegas You Might Not Have Guessed

Las Vegas is one of the most well-known cities in the world, not only for gambling but for the general atmosphere of the place. Many people spend weeks in the city soaking up the hot sun of the desert and visiting all the tourist attractions, as well as blowing a fair bit of cash in the casinos. However, Las Vegas has lots of little secrets that could not only heighten the enjoyment of your trip but also save you a bit of money.

For those of you who are new to the Las Vegas scene a top place to start is the Casino Royale casino on the strip. This place is great for tourists and those who don’t want to blow their entire holiday budget in one night, or as they are called “low rollers”. The tables are for low limit bets as well as the casino itself having a great drinks service. You may need to keep an eye out for this casino as you could walk straight passed it but be assured, it’s a favorite amongst those commenting on Trip Advisor.

Another big secret that could save you a fair few dollars is where you get a cab from. Cab drivers in Las Vegas will know a tourist when they see one so be careful when it comes to getting in one. Know where you are going and know roughly how long it will take, you don’t want to be paying for a tour around the city without even knowing it. A little tip to take with you is: if you’re going north of the city get a cab on the east side and if you’re south, get a cab on the west. It may sound strange but the money you save here can go towards your casino games!

A helpful tip for any newcomer, probably the most useful, is that some casinos have a free “gaming lesson” on a morning. These will teach you not only how to play the games, but how to play them well. Fundamental rules and strategies are covered in these classes and it’s a good way to prepare yourself for the day ahead. You could always practice before you get to Vegas to make the most of the time you’re there and really enjoy the proper Las Vegas experience.