Things You can Do with your Family in Las Vegas

Swimming in Lake Mead. photo
Swimming in Lake Mead. photo


Many of those who think of Las Vegas purely in terms of great casino game play might not realise is that the legendary resort in the middle of the desert actually has plenty of options for those planning a family holiday as well. Indeed the Fremont Street Experience shopping mall and live music venue, will be a must-visit for virtually any family considering a trip to the city. Simply because there is likely to be something there to suit most people, whatever their tastes.

After all, you can hear live music there on one of the two sound stages it boasts, shop to your heart’s content in the massive mall, and even grab a bite to eat. After the consumer frenzy of Fremont Street your family may feel in the mood for something completely different though and going boating together on Lake Mead could be the perfect option.

The lake in this unspoiled national park is longer than 100 miles, ensuring that there is plenty to explore and a chance to get some peaceful time together after all the noise and bustle of Fremont Street. These are just a couple of the family-friendly options that Vegas has, indicating that there is more to the resort than many realize.

Despite this, Vegas will always be famous first and foremost for the casino aspect – understandably given the quality of the best ones in the city. Indeed you may be able to grab a little time once your children have gone to bed, to hit at least one of them for a little gambling on the slot machines, or table games like poker and blackjack. If you’re stuck on babysitting duties however, you can always play here to access the online versions. This could be the perfect way to let off a little steam at the end of the day, before you get ready to explore the city with your family again the next day.