Eastern Canada is the Perfect Destination for US Travelers

Eastern Canada Plane Reader by GoNOMAD
Eastern Canada Plane Reader by GoNOMAD

We are just back from a terrific vacation in Eastern Canada… and on Nova Scotia I thought about our newest ebook, Eastern Canada Plane Reader with so many stories about this fantastic part of the world.

It’s our 17th ebook in the GoNOMAD Plane Reader series and the book includes so many great destination stories about Canada’s eastern half.   Canada is vast, and close by for American travelers. Yet what people say they love about Eastern Canada is how much it feels like Europe.  A morning in Quebec City hearing people speaking French, an evening in Montreal at a cool cafe with great French-inspired food and wine. Canada is like Europe but it’s right there, next door, a great destination waiting to be explored!

This ebook includes stories about Quebec City, and Montreal, and many other parts of Eastern Canada that any traveler will want to explore. Charlevoix, Newfoundland, The Gaspe Peninsula, all fascinating places with rich history, great food, and friendly locals.

Have you ever been screeched? It only happens in Newfoundland. Visit a lavendar farm in Quebec, or take in the winter’s fabulous Carnaval, where everyone enjoys the snow and being outside. Or hunker down in the ice hotel in Quebec City. Find these and many more articles about Eastern Canada that will make you say Oui! I’m going to Canada!