Ayia Napa? That’s the Village in Cyprus with all of the Blue Flag Beaches

When someoGorge in Cyprus.ne in London first told me they were heading to Ayia Napa, I had to run to my Google to find out where the heck they were talking about.  Oh, I see, it’s not in California, or Asia, it’s on the very English-friendly island of Cyprus.

Then when I heard that they were going in the summer I got excited for them. Because Ayia Napa is a fantastic holiday destination for anyone who loves the beach. Why?

Blue Flag Heaven

Because there are more Blue Flag beaches in Ayia Napa than anywhere else on earth!  If you want clean beaches with great facilities, you gotta look for the blue flag. And there are more Blue Flag beaches here than anywhere else. Windsurfing, waterskiing, canoeing, scuba diving and speedboating, all are popular here in this beach mecca.

I’ve traveled myself to Cyprus and for British-friendly places it’s hard to beat. Every pub has fine semi-cold beer and many have dart boards. Chances are there will be a Premier League match on the telly too and people who speak English without an American accent.

But Ayia Napa isn’t only for beach lovers. There are also many museums such as the Tornaritis Pierides Museum of Marine Life, which displays the marine fauna of Cyprus and the Mediterranean. Thalassa is another marine museum, right in the center of town.  For history lovers, check out the Makronissos Tombs, located west of the village. They are ancient burial sites used back when Romans ruled these parts.