Northwest Florida’s Gulf Coast: More Natural Than Miami

Kayaking in northwest Florida. Wendy Hammerle photo/GoNOMADMany Brits enjoy coming to Florida during their tough northern winters. But as many Americans could tell you, the Sunshine state is a big one, and there is much more to see than just Miami and Miami Beach.

Few travelers from the UK experience the many other parts of Florida which share the same glorious weather, but can bring nature, wildlife and other treats into the mix.

Wendy Hammerle wrote about Northwest Florida’s Gulf coast in a story on travel, and praised this lesser known part of Florida for its beauty and wildness.

“Our quest to find the other, quieter, unspoiled Florida took us to the northwest part of the state along the Gulf coast. Our first stop was Wakulla Springs State Park, a 6,000 acre treasure trove of flora and fauna about 30 minutes south of Tallahassee.

The park’s claim to fame is its freshwater spring, one of the largest and deepest in the world. Divers exploring caverns more than 300 feet below have found skeletons of three mastodons, an armadillo and a saber tooth cat.

Swimming in the 70-degree spring water is allowed but if that isn’t to your liking, you can explore some of the nature trails that crisscross the park or grab a fried grouper sandwich and some sweet tea at the beautiful old park lodge.”