Why Buy Travel Insurance? Because….Well, You’ll Get the Idea

Why buy travel insurance?  This is the kind of question you might ask before you go on a trip–but if you’ve ever had an experience like the travelers below, well, the answer would be pretty easy to answer.

Jessica Taryn wrote a story on GoNOMAD about some of the best examples of travelers who ended up being DAMN glad they bought travel insurance. Here are a few of them.  One woman’s son was lucky enough to plan a trip to Tongariro Northern Circuit in New Zealand to go snowboarding. Then she broke her leg, and had to cancel the trip.  If she had bought a policy, she could have been reimbursed the costs, even though she fell BEFORE she ever left on the trip!

A Massachusetts woman went on a cruise.  After just a few days of cruising the Greek Isles and Turkey, she fell ill, and the ship’s doctor said it was pneumonia.  She had to be taken by ambulance off the ship to a local hospital and treated.  She never planned on it, but she was sure glad the travel insurance covered it.

Finally a story about terrorism.  A trip was planned to Israel, and as they were reviewing things, the hotel they had prepaid for was blown up by a terrorist’s bomb. They were still in the US. The travel agent was frantic, and said the hotel wouldn’t reimburse their money. But the travel insurance policy took care of her.

Need more reasons for cheap travel insurance?