Mediterranean Cruises Offer Many Countries on One Vacation


Is there anywhere more romantic to cruise than the gorgeous Mediterranean? I think not.

In one of my all-time favorite travel books, The Pillars of Hercules, cranky author Paul Theroux takes a journey when he sets out from Morocco to circle this vast ocean, journeying by land through Spain, then France, Italy,  the former Yugoslavia Greece, Turkey and then the Holy Lands.

Then he keeps going through Egypt and Libya, and Tunisia and finally Morocco, where he sets foot in Gibraltar where this all began. It’s an epic travel book that brings  him face to face with both the ugly and the magnificent. He deplores the over development of the Spanish coast, and meets pretty unfriendly locals while trying to cross through Libya.

Mediterranean cruises are getting much more popular because of the great destinations that the ships stop in. You can cruise out of Barcelona and visit several great Spanish ports then see the South of France, take in wild Corsica and Sardinia, and go to Rome, Naples and Sicily all in one voyage.  Many people who are pressed for time enjoy a cruise just because that gives them so many countries to see, all while living aboard the comfortable ship.   If this sounds like the trip of your dreams then visit to view some of the latest offers.