How About a Luxury Holiday in the Oman Desert?

Nizwa Castle, an architectural marvel in the desert of Oman.
Nizwa Castle, an architectural marvel in the desert of Oman.


Some times finding the absolutely perfect luxury holiday means stretching the boundries of where you travel. Some times that even means that westerners need to let go of some of the fears about certain places…like the Middle East.

Inka Piegsa-Quischotte recently wrote about a place she calls her real Arabian Dream…Muscat, Oman.  There are many firms who host luxury holidays in this desert land, and she raved about the experience in an article on travel.

“On rare occasions, reality surpasses our expectations. That’s exactly what happened to me on my recent visit to the Middle Eastern country of Oman. My only regret: that I had five days instead of five weeks.”

Inka and her friend Wendy got to explore the fortress of Nizwa after a 4×4 tour of the desert, and marveled at this impressive display of Arab architecture.

“The citadel as it stands today, has been rebuilt, expanded and refurbished many times and nowhere else can you get such a compressed overview of the long history and culture of Oman. The center piece, the round tower has cunningly constructed inner staircases, doors and ‘death traps’ through which hot oil would be poured onto potential invaders. There are inner courtyards to be admired as well as the bedroom of the Imam, guest rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and arts and crafts workshops.”

If a luxury holiday is in your plans, why not consider something a little extraordinary, like Oman!  Exsus has an Arabian Adventure there for 8 nights of exotic travel!