Get Down and Dirty at The Flying Fish Eco-Village in Fiji

On an island best known for its romantic and illustrious beach-side resorts, it is possible to escape. The Flying Fish Eco-Village in Fiji offers an escape from mainstream tourism, along with an authentic look into traditional Fijian culture in the beautiful south pacific.

The Flying Fish Eco-Village in Fiji
Accommodations at The Flying Fish Eco-Village in Fiji

“The Flying Fish consists of 70 bountiful acres in a protected cove, where the family harvests their own coconuts, three kinds of banana, limes, papaya, pumpkin, spinach and cassava — similar to a potato.

In addition, all seafood is caught in local waters and prepared fresh that day, including cod, lobster, red snapper and octopus. Showers are a cool drip from a PVC pipe attached to an adobe-style wall. The cool water, however, is a pleasant treat after soaking in the sun for a while.

Cell phone service is possible, yet spotty at best. Paolo, an elder in the village, can be seen using his phone from time to time. The more expensive Navutu Stars Resort just across the lagoon does have internet service, western food, and air conditioning if you happen to need a break from village life.

The village is fully equipped with a rainwater catchment system, which holds much of the water in a very large storing tank, and is then used for drinking and cooking. Solar panels attached to the family gathering house, are used to light the bathhouse, and a few grass huts; however, kerosene lanterns are still heavily used.

Is Fiji a laid back, culturally preserved, modern paradise? Take a trip for yourself and find out! We bet you won’t have any regrets.”

By Adam Curren, travel writer for