Being Single In Martinique Is Only One Spike Away

Photo By Cathie Arquilla, who travelled to Martinique for
Martinique women with head dresses

Getting exited about the night life in your upcoming trip to Martinique? First you must understand the local flirting protocol. Forget about speaking French, women in Martinique visually advertise their availability through colorful and ornate head-dresses. These adornments have leaf-like points, one if the woman is single and available, two if she is engaged, and three if she is married.

Women In Martinique
Forte de France and Saint-Pierre, two cities on opposite sides of the island, are great for checking out the madras pieces worn by Martinican women. These eye-catching plaids are iconic to the island; bursting with citrus colors they hug shapely black women as they saunter down side streets and work in market squares.

Shaped like a skull cap with leaf-like points in madras, the Martinican lady’s headdresses tell a tale. If she is wearing just one point, this lady is a single and available. If she is wearing two points, she is engaged. With three, she is married. The lady who wears a fourth, is proudly advertising that she is a courtesan–a married man’s favorite and proud of it!

Written by Cathie Arquilla, a travel writer for