St. Lucia: Adventures and Relaxation on Coconut Bay

Whether you want to snorkel, zip line through the rainforest or travel back in time as you experience rich history, you can do it all in St. Lucia. Follow GoNOMAD’s own Kent E. St. John as he relaxes while he works on this diverse Caribbean island.

Coconut Bay in St. Lucia. Photo by Kent E. St. John.

Less than ten minutes after leaving the airport on St. Lucia, I was pulling up to the Coconut Bay Resort. Within fifteen I headed to the beach, cocktail in hand.

St. Lucia was a destination I longed to see but knew little about. I found out a lot after a few days of exploring one of the Caribbean’s best eco-destinations. In fact Natural History Magazine picks it for one of the top fifty eco-tourism destinations in the world.

From volcanic peaks to working fishing villages, St. Lucia has an abundance of activities, but it’s also a great place to relax — your choice. Even a hard-working travel editor needs some down time between adventures. St. Lucia and Coconut Bay fit the bill.

De Fish, Mon

Near Coconut Bay is one of the quaintest villages to be found anywhere in the Caribbean, Soufriere. This gem is the second largest settlement on the island and still a fishing village; its island decay is charming.

One can almost feel as if Pirates of the Caribbean is still taking place. To top it off St. Lucia’s landmarks, the primeval Pitons twin peaks, pop up nearby. The sheer steep peaks of Petit Piton and Gros Piton are as glorious a vision as any traveler could want. Seeing as they top over 2000 feet, they have long been a beacon to pirates and those that pull an existence from the rich fishing grounds nearby.

In the harbor small crafts paced and circled and large vessels become a high diving board for the local kids. On the streets proud roosters prowled and French Creole could be heard around the stands selling local produce. Small shops served the locals and luxuries are not to be found.

If you are doing the shopping tourist gig head to Castriesthe capital, Soufriere is for those who want to immerse.

As we headed out via small boat to Marigot Bay the magnificent Pitons rose far above the villages and waves crashed at their base. As our captain noticed my fascination with them he tells me that climbing them is possible with permission from the Forest and Lands Department. I filed the info because I had other fish to fry.

St. Lucia: Adventures and Relaxation on Coconut Bay