Hidden Treasures in the Veneto: A Journey with the Professor

Devon Magoon interviews NYU professor Barry Goldsmith on his traveler’s knowledge of Italy’s northeastern region, the Veneto. Goldsmith has become so familiar with this region of which Venice is the capital, that he now hosts a personalized tour to tourists. Participants will be guided to numerous attractions in the area including churches, museums, music theaters, and art galleries in the company of Goldsmith.

Goldsmith in Venice
Professor Barry Goldsmith in Venice.

Everyone who has been to Italy knows about the Leaning Tower of Pisa and is familiar with gondolas. But who has visited the the Palazzo Rezzonico where Robert Browning lived after Elizabeth Barrett Browning died? Or Henry James’ Venetian home? Or how about the world’s oldest theater, the Teatro Olimpico? New York University Professor Barry Goldsmith has, and he knows these beauties well enough to lead a group of very lucky tourists on a personalized guided tour. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Using the wit and extensive touring knowledge that comes with being a seasoned traveler, Prof. Goldsmith has formulated an exclusive trek through Italy’s Veneto region that you never knew you wanted to be a part of. Based on his book Been There Haven’t Done That, Prof. Goldsmith is getting the word out about those not so popular tourist destinations that deserve more attention.

If you think you’ve seen it all, it’s time to think again. This exclusive tour winds through sites in the Veneto and the area surrounding Venice, exploring some of the finer tourist destinations of Europe. Churches, museums, music theaters, and art galleries will all be explored with Prof. Goldsmith personally guiding the way.

Not only are many of these locations rarely visited by the standard American tourist, but many of them will be for Prof. Goldsmith’s and his travelers’ eyes only.

Behind Closed Doors is a new touring concept which explores those destinations closed to the general public. “For example,” he says, “A private illuminated tour of San Marco floodlit at night during after hours in which the mosaics glitter an other-worldly gold. We’ll also go to museums such as the Palazzo Rezzonico (the Museum of the 18th-century and home of Robert Browning). We’ll visit Paladian Villas in the Veneto and Palladio’s hometown of Vicenza.”

And if you like the idea of packing once and only once, then you’re on the right track. Those folks on the tour will be staying at one hotel for the entirety of the roughly eight day trip, with all other transport accommodations accounted for.

Hidden Treasures in the Veneto: A Journey with the Professor