China: Climbing the Yellow Mountain Like the Emperors of Old

Traveling in Style: Writer Habeeb Salloum recounts being carried up the Yellow Mountain during his trip to China.  Below is some of what he experienced ‘in the chair’ carried by porters.

“Seeing that I was having trouble in my descent and feeling sorry for me, a young lady in our group took my hand and helped to steer me down the steps.

It then became easier to look around and admire the seducing mountain vistas, while the cool breezes caressed my now tired body.

Dodging tour groups as we moved along was, at times, dangerous.  The steps  were manmade and offered sure footing, but the twists and turns made our descent somewhat precarious.  The feeling of apprehension did indeed take over me, at every turn.

After about an hour, our group stopped to rest near the mountainside and was engulfed by the cool mountainbreezes.

Cable lift station

Now, feeling worried about the return journey, I again asked the guide about the route of return, “Is the return route steep?  Are there steep steps to climb?”

He nonchalantly answered, “Of Course! More than those you have descended. If you think you cannot make it, we will arrange for a chair to carry you back. It will only cost you 500 yuan (about 75 dollars). In the meantime, you can just rest in this mountain paradise hotel until we finish our journey and return.”

“It’s a deal,” I said, as I breathed a sigh of relief.”

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