Part 3: A deeper look at Off Track Planet’s Top 10 Backpacking Travel Destinations for 2010

As I move through the list Top 10 Backpacking Travel Destinations for 2010 compiled by online travel magazine Off Track Planet, I hope looking back on GoNOMAD feature articles in this blog series are adding to their mission to inspire others to travel. By researching lists such as theirs, and stories like ours, travelers can create itineraries with informed decisions that lead to better travel experiences.

Next on the list is best art scene which was awarded to Barcelona, Spain. Anna Starostinetskaya writes “Gaudi’s trippy buildings are scattered throughout the city and the museum of Dali is only a 40 minute scenic train ride north to Figueras. If these guys don’t tickle you pickle, Barcelona is also packed with more thought-provoking graffiti than you can imagine, inspiring street performers and tons of off-beat artistic expressions.”

GoNOMAD contributor, supports this observation in her feature Tracing Gaudi around Barcelona. As she explores the city, she is surrounded by art and architecture inspired by or created by Antonio Gaudi.

“While many artists remain content displaying their masterpieces in galleries and museums, one of Spain’s most profilic and world renowned artists, Antonio Gaudí, made the entire city of Barcelona his living, breathing museum with instantly recognizable landmarks – series of twisting structures, colorful tiles and mosaics, and undulating patterns.”

As for most remote, Off Track Planet selected Lamu, located off the coast of Kenya, and I believe it because GoNOMAD has no articles on file about it (and that says a lot). However, a past intern posted on Travel Reader a blog post about an article written elsewhere about Lamu, supporting the same idea of Off Track Planet that “In our world of “been there, done that”, very few places can still be considered “remote.”

I guess this means GoNOMAD will have to send one of their writers to Lamu to write a feature about it. Hint, hint 🙂

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