A deeper look at Off Track Planet’s Top 10 Backpacking Travel Destinations for 2010

In December, Off Track Planet created a list of the Top 10 Backpacking Travel Destinations for 2010 . This well thought out compilation is broken down into sections for what each destination is best for, including a small paragraph summing up why they’ve chosen these places. Below is the first blog of a mini blog series comparing their list to stories in the GoNOMAD.com‘s archives and to provide more information for those interested in learning more about these destinations.

The first on their list is Cambodia for being the cheapest destination. They state that “the most expensive thing you should encounter is the entrance fee to the Angkor Temples (about $20 per day). These ancient ruins are not to be missed and will be worth spending a few dollars on.” In January, GoNOMAD contributor Bill Pfeffer, wrote Angkor Wat: Glorious and Inspiring, which wholly agrees with Off Track Planet’s judgement.

Pfeffer describes his journey to Cambodia in detail from the visa process, monetary negotiations for transportation, and hotel accommodations. Then he delves into the description of the ruins including how to embrace or deter tourist traps. His artistic description paints a picture for readers and hopefully has inspired others to book a trip to see for themselves.

“The world’s largest religious monument, bearded lions safeguard your passage across the moat, with the causeway assembled like a jigsaw puzzle from irregular blocks of stone. As you enter the walled compound, iconic lotus spires soar in the distance as an elevated pavement invites you towards the inner sanctum. Intricate bas-relief carvings detail scenes from Hindu mythology, including the legendary ‘Churning of the Sea,’ polished smooth from the touch of strangers.”

Next on the list is Reykjavik, Iceland for nightlife where Off Track Planet claim’s “the nights are longer here which means the parties last and last.” GoNOMAD contributor Sandy Fox also found this to be true in her Iceland round up Iceland Offers Nightlife, Deserts, Glaciers and a Lot More! Fox’s feature gives a bigger picture of Iceland, from its history and culture, to dining, popular sites to see, and weather. She also dedicates a section of the feature to describe the night life alone.

“Partying can go on in these clubs or in the streets and homes until 7 a.m. the next morning. “It’s a carnival-like atmosphere,” says one resident. If you are an early riser and out by 10 a.m. the next day, chances are that no stores and very few restaurants will be open. If interested in a tour, most are in the late morning or early afternoon.”

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