East African Safaris

As a photographer, going on a safari would be a perfect opportunity to build a breath taking portfolio with stunning natural images of animals and landscapes. However, in the article East African Safaris : A Unique Family Experience, Daryl Popper interviews a safari guide who is more invested in the experience rather than a pretty picture. The article starts off with this statement:

“We took the photos home in our cameras, but we took the people home in our hearts.”

Lynne Leakey, a Silver Badge Naturalist Guide with the Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association (KPSGA) is accustomed to hearing sentiments like these from visitors during the 30 years she has been escorting safaris throughout Africa.

“I do a lot of multi-generational tours,” Leakey says. “Just to see grandparents having time with their children and grandchildren without distractions, those things that keep families from interacting like IPods and cell phones, is very rewarding.

“I see families on these safaris when everything is put aside and time is given to evolve with each other and with the amazing animals as a background and just enjoy the fun of a safari.”

Popper then gives a break down of where to stay, what to do, and what to eat with other inspiring quotes from Leakey. Overall, the message is that taking a safari, even with children, is worth the life changing experience.

If it’s your first or your seventh trip to Africa, Leakey recommends you take part in this life-changing safari trip.

“People come back with a little more appreciation of our country,” she said. “Especially when young people get to see the contrast that safaris aren’t just a lot of fun; they’re a lot of personal development for all ages. People fortunate enough to live in a country with such abundance as the
U.S. often return with a greater sense of appreciation for what they take for granted and this makes for better future citizens.”

Though many people would love to take a safari, many people cannot afford them. In this blog post, Mike Sevlon writes tips on how to save money and get the most out of your trip. His biggest tip is to stay on a longer safari for two weeks rather than two days. With so many resources to choose from, researching can go a long way, and articles such as Popper’s can be a great help.