Re-Living Historical Train Rides

Train’ Shares Inc. is trying to re-establish the luxurious, enjoyable train rides that provided the most popular means of travel for a long time, and now is seen as just a distant memory. Jennifer Bellenoit writes about the throw-back travel expeditions in her article, ”Worth the Ride: Train’Shares Offers Luxury Train Travel.”

Train’Shares Inc is offering guests the same luxury travel and private rail cars that used to be reserved for only the wealthiest of Americans. The trains will begin running in 2010. The trips aren’t cheap, but they are a serious throwback to the grand old days of railroad travel. You’ll feel like a robber baron in your own private car!

The train cars are part of Amtrak trains. They include “Train Sets” which are multiple cars traveling together that provide bedrooms, dining, lounge and bar facilities. Train Shares also provide “Private Cars” that include two or three bedrooms, dining and lounge facilities which operate as part of the Train Sets or just alone.

Guests have the option to take the “see America” vacations at a lower cost than most commercial luxury train vacations, while also having the option to exchange a Journey (train vacation) for a vacation at a wide selection of the world’s best resorts. You can even exchange them for a cruise.

Those who have a Train’Share and use a Private Car have the opportunity to choose the destinations and routes. Train’Share owners are allotted an enormous amount of power and opportunity in Train’Shares Inc. You can also become a member in the Train’Share Association which gives owners even more benefits such as train, rail and travel related items at discounted prices.

Guests will be spoiled rotten by the fine dining. With an impeccable staff, ready to meet every personalized need, you will be served the finest and healthiest North American cuisine with fresh, local ingredients. Guests even have the option to request special beverages before departure. The trains are usually open dining seating, or you can make a reservation. Lighter dining is available in lounge and bar areas.

There are currently nine active routes and 13 that are coming soon. One train vacation is often a week long. Similar to a cruise vacations, Train Shares offer “ports of call” which allow guests to disembark and explore the museums of Washington D.C or enjoy the vastness of the Grand Canyon.