Get Pampered in Vegas

When one thinks of Las Vegas, foot massages and body scrubs with Omega 3-rich flaxseed oil doesn’t usually come to mind. Kelly Westhoff discovers an eclectic range of spa treatments that many of the Las Vegas hotels have to offer. Read her article, Las Vegas Spas: Why Gamble When You Can Relax? Enjoy the excerpts below!

“Las Vegas in the business of promising pleasure, so I wasn’t surprised that its biggest hotels all have spas built right into them, nor was I surprised that all of these spas offer foot rubs, scalp massages and steaming, aromatic baths.”

“I was surprised, though, by just how many spa experiences I had to choose from. For example, upon checking in to my suite at the Palazzo, I found a 30-page spa menu waiting for me in my room. The menu listed fitness classes and beauty services available at the Canyon Ranch Spa inside the hotel.”

“Nobody has ever rubbed my feet the way my foot masseuse did. Oh, it hurt so good! As I squirmed, she told me, according to Eastern reflexology charts, which of my internal organs she was manipulating.”

“The spa inside The Palms hotel is called Drift. It offers a wide range of beauty services including a package called the Aura-Soma® treatment. Drift is the only Vegas spa to offer this treatment, which is based on the idea that “you are the colors you choose.”

If you book the treatment, you will choose four bottles of colored liquids (out of 107 options) that you feel represent a specific area of your life. A consultant will “read” your colors. You then choose to have a massage, a body wrap or a foot treatment.”

“Even though I had booked just a standard massage, I was not disappointed. My masseuse worked hard to knead out all my stress. Once she’d finished with my back, she laid a warm blanket over me as she moved on to my legs. Later, as she worked her fingers through my hair and applied pressure to points on my neck, she laid a heated mask over my face.”