A Positive Outlook: Volunteering in Bomang’ombe

Nellie Huang tells her heart-warming story about volunteering in Tanzania, getting stuck in the mud, hitchhiking and the people she meets along the way. This is an inspiring article that must not be overlooked. Enjoy the excerpts!

“Our new friend Osle, one of the village committee members, wanted to show us his hometown. In his words, “You have to see Machame. I want to thank you for teaching our children and I want to show you my home. It’s beautiful, you won’t regret it.” He was right. We would never forget this day.”

“We had entered into the simple lives of the villagers in Bomang’ombe, and the hearts of children hopeful about their bright future. Within the few months of teaching in Bomani Primary School, I bonded closely with Naomi, a fellow teacher and a real friend whom I could confide in and be myself.”

“Her husband Deo showed us many sides of Tanzania, even a thing or two about drinking beer in Tanzania (he sure could drink!). We shared travel tales with them, while they told us about their childhood and families.”

“Not long after, Osle’s truck came to a halt. Two locals were standing by the side of the road and smiling as us. Conversations in Swahili were exchanged, and in no time, the two men were climbing up onto the truck and joining the ride. We said hi to our new travel mates. Life was as simple as this in Tanzania.”