A Goal of World Travel

Chris Guillebeau is on a mission to visit every country in the world by the time he is 35. It didn’t start with “every country,” but after he put a check mark next to the original “100 countries by 30” idea, he decided not to stop. 

You can read about his journey on the New York Times website, and in the excerpt below:
One of the problems is that I am running out of places with easy access. It’s not like every country is an Italy or a Mexico. Soon, I’m going to have to start making arrangements to get to Chad, the South Pacific and central Asia.

I used to earn 200,000 bonus miles a year because of my business spending, but since I’ve become self-employed, those days are over.

I recently was approved for 13 credit cards, all of which offered mileage bonuses of at least 20,000 miles. So that’s going to be a big help. I keep waiting for an airline alliance to call, but until then I have no sponsors and pay for all my own expenses. The money comes from products I sell on my Web site and some limited business consulting. I recently received an advance from the publisher for my first book. I also have half a million frequent-flier miles from before, which I’m steadily going through.