Women-only Adventure in the Amazon rainforest

In a recent article for GoNOMAD.com, the future of women-only travel is discussed in an interview with Yolanta Barnes, founder of the women’s travel company Sights and Soul. She points out that women are increasingly looking for adventure when they travel, rather than a day shopping or at the spa. In February Sights and Soul led a trip to the Amazon for the first time.
Enjoy an excerpt from the story below:

“When I told people I was going to the Amazon, their jaws dropped,” says Joswick. “I think this is because we tend to think of it as a dangerous, difficult and uncomfortable place: heat, bugs, snakes, wild animals, piranhas, you name it.

“But going the way we did, on a comfortable boat, with excellent guides, I never felt I was in danger. The heat was bearable, and I never even saw a mosquito!”

In the past most Sights and Soul tour destinations have been in Europe, with a focus on cultural landmarks.

For the Amazon tour, Barnes had to switch gears: “We replaced cathedrals, art, gourmet restaurants and spas with the stillness of the Rio Negro, the floating meadows of the Amazon, the monkeys, cayman and sloths.

“Instead of a boutique hotel or a villa, we were staying on a motor yacht.”