Cross country skiing through the Green Mountain State

Sarah Tuff has a nice article at about cross country skiing from the bottom of Vermont up to the top. Using old logging roads, snaking from Massachusetts to Canada, the Catamount trail is 300 miles of gorgeous Vermont scenery. Though some dedicate a month to take a long-haul trek, many enjoy simply biting off one of the 31 sections as a way to enjoy some nature. (Photo courtesy of Kenna)

““The trip was absolutely wonderful,” said Mr. Bushey, who is now a cartographer in Portland, Me. “Skiing the length of Vermont from ski center to ski center and inn to inn was a memorable life experience for me.”

Becoming an “end-to-ender” on the Catamount Trail is also an unusual accomplishment. Mr. Rose is now the executive director of the Green Mountain Club and said some 3,500 people had completed the Long Trail.

Mr. Fredericks, meanwhile, said he knew of around 60 association members who had skied the entire Catamount, with more and more on the way. “A lot of people just like to do a section here, a section there,” Mr. Fredericks said, “until they have the whole trail done.””