Salt Lake City Adventure

Bring your binoculars because Utah is rich with wildlife and scenic regions. It is active with outdoor adventure, whether hiking, offroading, kayaking, biking camping, or winter activities. Read more below from Utah: Revitalized Salt Lake City is Vibrant, Even Hip (Really!).

“The lights dimmed. The crowd cheered. All eyes were in the center of the dark room where two grand pianos sat, glaring at each other as the duel was about to begin.

A pianist, dressed in the requisite musician-black, reached into a fishbowl, sitting atop his grand piano. He slowly pulled out a slip of folded, white paper, for the next song request. And within seconds, our friend stood atop the piano, celebrating her birthday, dancing to the infamous 90’s pop song, “I Touch Myself.”

Not the first image of Utah that pops into your mind? You are not alone. Yet Salt Lake City is a vibrant, even hip town.

Although Salt Lake City was founded by those who forsake caffeine and alcohol, downtown is undergoing a major revitalization with chic condos and cozy bistros popping left and right.

Independent coffee houses can be found scattered across the city, including “Beans and Brew” and “Jack Mormon Coffee,” in addition to the ubiquitous Starbucks. And there are not one, but two, piano bars downtown.

And that’s to say nothing of the outdoors. Utah is famous for its snow, boasting some of the top ski terrain in the country. But summer months are chock full of adventure, from hiking in the canyons surrounding Salt Lake City, mountain biking, rock climbing, and rafting. “

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