Barcelona’s Soccer Pride

Soccer fans are passionate and prideful. If you are ever in Europe or Latin America make sure to get tickets to a game. It’s an experience you don’t want to miss. Read more below from the GoNOMAD article, “More Than a Club” — FC Barcelona Embodies the Spirit of Catalonia.

“Since he moved to the city fifteen years ago, Estaban has been a regular at the Camp Nou. Over a few glasses of Estrella Damm he tells me the important role that the club has played in his life.

“When I came here from Andalusia one of the ways I was able to feel part of the city and part of Catalonia was to support Barça,” he says.

“It was hard being a migrant but the club gives you an identity. Now I feel Catalan and I’m proud to live in Barcelona. Being a culé is about living and breathing Barça. The most important day of my year is when Madrid come here. The whole city is electric. Barça are playing for a nation that day, not a city.

Leaving the bar, I walk down the Avinguda de Joan XXIII watching the fans streaming towards the stadium. The Camp Nou looms on the horizon.

Europe’s largest stadium is a concrete giant; its huge grey stands rise from the earth, providing a contrasting backdrop to the bursting colour of the stalls selling shirts, scarves and flags.

The air is filled with the noise of children excitedly, and at times annoyingly, blowing horns, as they rush to see their heroes.”

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