The Valleys of Cuba

By most travelers the Valley of Vinales is considered the most beautiful region of Cuba. The flush valleys and rolling green hills are breathtaking. Read more below from The Valley of Vinales: Cuba’s Hidden Shangri-La.

“Continuing our journey, a short distance away we stopped at the Mirador de los Jazmines on a high point, 160 km (100 mi) from Havana, overlooking the Valle de Viñales below. Standing on an observation point edged by the Hotels Los Jazmines, I gazed on the enchanting valley, all green with a mystic-like aura.

The scenery across the valley floor had a dreamlike character. High, mostly green-clad cliffs enclosed a valley of green farmland with a sprinkling of palms, here and there an outcropping of rock, seemingly planted to break up the all-encompassing greenery.

It was a wistful scene of how nature without a brush can bring out beauty, even without a painter, to create a Shangri-la.

As I pulled myself away from this stunning scene, I heard a woman say, “Oh for the life of a dog!” Looking down, I saw a dog curled up and lazing in the sun, oblivious to the world around it.

Travelling in Cuba I have always been amazed at how often one sees dogs sleeping under the blazing sun, disregarding human traffic and the searing heat.”

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