Jamaican Waters

Jamaica is full of natural wonders, blue lagoons, gorgeous flowers, private beaches, blue mountains and flush green wildlife. A traveler’s choice tropic destination. Read more from, Port Antonio, Jamaica: Not Your Typical Seaside Town.

“It would be wrong to go to Jamaica without hitting the beach, so for oceanside swimming there are three main options: Frenchman’s Cove, Winifred Beach and San San. Winifred is the public beach, and is often more crowded than the other two, which charge admission and are privately run.

The entrance charge for the private beaches is minimal – about $3 American per person. All are beautiful, of course, but Frenchman’s Cove is an isolated inlet with a bar and restaurant on the beach and chairs available for rent. It’s also got a freshwater spring feeding into it, and the soft, white beach is flanked by stunning cliffs. It’s generally acknowledged to be the most beautiful beach on the island.

A boat ride away from Frenchman’s Cove is the Blue Lagoon and Monkey Island. Monkey Island is only fun for about ½ an hour- the water is too shallow and full of sea urchins to swim, and the beach doesn’t get any sun. But it’s worth a look from the boat, certainly.

It is possible to snorkel out of Monkey Island, but from what Ian and I heard from other visitors, the snorkeling isn’t that exciting, and it’s more fun just to paddle around in the ocean or, if possible, go scuba diving.

The boat rides start out of the Blue Lagoon, and we did a loop and ended up back there because we didn’t get to swim there beforehand. It’s possible to have the boatmen drop you off at Frenchman’s Cove, too, where Sherman is more than happy to pick you up when you’re ready.”

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