Enchanting Small Town Escape

Old Deerfield is desirable. It’s enchanting, with a small town feel. A quarter mile walk down the historic stretch is the perfect getaway. A late night stroll, with fireflies, moonlit houses and the soft summer sounds provide a relaxing and romantic ambiance. Read more about Historic Deerfield in, Stepping Back in Time: A Visit to Historic Deerfield.

“After lunch at the Deerfield Inn, I head to the Wells-Thorn House, which features rooms illustrating the changing lifestyles of Deerfield residents spanning more than a century, from 1725 to 1850.

Constructed in the Georgian style, the house is painted an extravagant light blue, a rarity for the time period. The house was originally built by a Patriot tavern owner; it would have been a popular meeting place for Deerfield’s supporters of independence during the American Revolution.

Today, each room of the house is furnished to represent a different time period in early New England life, and the evolution is incredible. The first room is little more than a hearth and a few crude tools; by the last room, a hundred years later, we see elegant furniture, linens, and intricate wallpaper.

As is always the case at Historic Deerfield, the guide here is incredibly knowledgeable, able to comment on even the smallest feature of any room in impressive detail.”

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