Visit Mumbai

Riches are overflowing through the Indian metropolis, and citizens are enjoying the luxuries of global wealth. Mumbai, India is bursting with culture and is a great place to travel. Read more from, 36 Hours in Mumbai.

“IT’S the Jazz Age again in Mumbai. The populous metropolis is bursting with stock-market money, a shimmering art scene has a growing global presence, and young people are exploiting their newfound freedoms in dim bars until the wee hours. Indeed, in the city’s more rarefied circles, Champagne is sipped every night and everyone knows everyone, darling. But large swaths of Mumbai, the former Bombay, remain immune to the homogeneity of global glamour. Behind the bustling boulevards are nameless alleys where coconuts are sold, haircuts are given and the city’s frenetic traffic occasionally comes to a honking halt because of a scampering goat.

5 p.m.


When migrants from Mumbai’s outlying areas arrive, they descend onto Chowpatty Beach, a surprisingly pristine beach in the middle of this throbbing city of 17 million or so. Children swirl around rusted merry-go-rounds; families bond over cobs of corn; vendors sell hot-pink cotton candy. An array of services is on offer, including head massages and palm reading. Buy a savory plate of bhel puri — a kind of trail mix of puffed rice, garlic chutney, coriander and tamarind — and stroll among the classless ocean of Mumbaikars taking an urban breather.

7 p.m.

For a bird’s-eye view of the city’s high rollers, head to the top of the InterContinental Mumbai Marine Drive Hotel. The hipper-than-hip rooftop bar, Dome, draws the city’s wealthy young, who flirt over hot toddies by the pool. It also affords romantic views of the Arabian Sea and the graceful arc of Marine Drive, the seaside promenade also known as the Queen’s Necklace.

9 p.m.

The Koli, a hereditary caste of anglers, were among Mumbai’s original dwellers. They still fish, and you can sample their catch at Trishna, a venerable seafood restaurant in the Kala Ghoda district. Specialties include fresh-off-the-boat squid in a chilly garlic, batter-fried prawns and pomfret grilled with black pepper. For the main course, try the signature crab drizzled in butter, pepper and garlic, accompanied by dal Hyderabadi, a spicy lentil soup. Dinner for two with chilled beers is about 3,000 rupees, about $70 at 43 rupees to the dollar.”

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