TvTrip – The True Side to Hotels

I am sure most of you reading this can attest to a time in the past when travel plans were all set and done, but as soon as you pulled up to the hotel you booked months in advance you realize that you made a horrible mistake. Not having a clean, dry, safe, or flee infested hotel is always best, but sometimes the photos online just don’t do justice for the real thing. A great new site that has hit the internet, could make any travel hotel plans a bit easier. is the name of the site which offers photo and video footage of hotels across the world, which give a 100% real representation of hotels. A article on that I wrote has the whole scoop – Check out more from Avoiding Nightmare Hotels: TVTrip Takes the Guesswork Out of Travel Planning has taken the guesswork out of the equation. No longer will the average traveler have to stress about the quality and condition of his/her lodging.

This website provides viewers with videos of hotels at their destinations showing exteriors, dining areas, lobbies, rooms, and even the view from the window.

Created in Paris in 2007, former Expedia managers came together and pondered over what was missing from the tourism industry. They came up with the idea of TVtrip and it caught on like wildfire.

Offered in more than five languages and having more than one thousand hotels on-board, this website is designed with international travelers in mind.

Like other hotel websites it is possible for people to book their accommodations on the TVtrip site; however they are not a travel agent or booking company. The site also provides information about services provided by third parties. Mainly it was founded in order to provide knowledge and a firsthand view of your establishment.

Now guests will feel even more confident about their selection due to the video feature of TVtrip. It provides videos of the rooms, as well as the dining areas, pools, meeting rooms, lounges, the outside of the hotel, and even the surrounding town, city or country.

The videos taken are not edited or altered by the hotel. What you see is what you get. Easy to view, unbiased, informative, professional videos give an accurate picture of the accommodations.

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