A Trip to Sardinia

One of GoNOMAD.com writers got the oppertunity to travel to Sardinia this past week. On his trip he was able to visit many of the different sites of the area. Read below for more from Sardinia: Notes From a Big Wild Island

Where can you ride a speedy go-kart around a track built to resemble a real F1 track? And skate on a real ice skating rink, play soccer under the lights, dine in 32 restaurants, or stay either on the oceanfront, or in a more intimate hotel setting?

Hint, you won’t have to drive anywhere, because it’s all in the self-contained Forte Village, an all-inclusive resort on Sardinia’s coast.

This place might not be for everyone, but for the person who wants to avoid any driving, have a place for the kids to have fun, and enjoys lots of sports activities and a variety of restaurants and different lodging options, it might be great. Oh, and another great and unusual thing for Italy — they have free Wi-Fi throughout the property.

For 350 Years, This Parade Has Been the Highlight of Cagliari
Last night we had a late dinner and while we sat at long tables, we learned a bit more about the festival and parade of Sant’Efisio that we had seen in Cagliari earlier in the day. For 350 years this has been a very important event that takes place the first day of May

This parade features elaborate costumes and gold jewelry that is all owned by the families, kept in special places and authentic right down to their shoes. Each village wears its own unique style, a conical hat, or a swept-back beret.

Of the more than 350 villages in Sardinia, just 150 are selected each year to be a part of the parade, and have their oxcarts and horses march before the thousands of cheering local citizens.

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