A Canadian Escape – Anticosti Island

Finding the perfect escape can mean simply talking a hike through nearby woods, or traveling off to the end of the earth in search of adventure. An article I found online could be useful if you are one of those looking to go far away. It discusses Anticosti Island which can be found north of the United States, in Quebec, Canada. So if adventure, peace and quiet, and a great get-a-way are on your travel list, check out more below from Anticosti Island: Quebec’s Best Kept Secret

Anticosti is one of the best kept secrets of North America for travelers who appreciate nature and want to get away from stress, noise, rush, traffic,and poluted air. This island, at the mouth of the great St. Lawrence River where it forms the Gulf of St. Lawrence at the Atlantic Ocean, is the perfect discovery for anyone seeking crisp, cool, pristine nature, quietude, clean fresh air, glorious clear skies or mystical fog, hundreds of kilometers of driving on excellent gravel roads with no other vehicles for hours. You’ll experience breathing deeply the Christmas scent of evergreen forests, listening to whitecaps lapping the sandy coast, finding intact shells that are impossible to find on crowded beaches, fishing in glass-clear pure rivers, diving beneath waterfalls, hiking deep canyons, photographing huge limestone cliffs and brilliant sunrises.

Anticosti is 8,000 square km, one-third larger than the well-known Prince Edward Island, and is also about the size of Rhode Island, but only 265 people live there year-round.

In 1534 Jacques Cartier, the first explorer, thought he had discovered the Northwest Passage when he navigated the largest of the many rivers on Anticosti. Later this was named Jupiter River. Cartier thought that peat bogs were rich farmlands and encouraged settlers to come, but they quickly discovered that peat bogs will not grow any crops. Settlements became ghost towns.

Residents know, love and care for each other. A resident told us, “Everyone here, including tourists, follow the golden rule, so it works.” The island has long been a favorite place for hunting deer and fishing, especially for salmon. Now adventure and outdoor travelers can enjoy exploring the island any time of year. Travel agents offer value-priced packages, which include your transportation from Quebec mainland and, when you arrive in Anticosti, a four-wheel drive vehicle with your personal driver/guide, very clean accommodations or outfitted camping facilities, and fabulous meals.

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