The wonderful world of SCUBA

After a weekend in the fun and sun down in Florida, I came with my scuba certification finished. Scuba diving is a great sport if you enjoy the water, the sun, the marine life, and a little bit of risk. It was better than I could have ever imagined and I now I can dive anywhere in the world. After doing some research of my own online I found a great article that gives an excellent intro into diving and lists just a few of the many amazing places to go scuba diving. So if you are like me and interested, please read below from the article Exploring the Great Blue
Imagine feeding reef sharks or kissing dolphins in the Bahamas, exploring underwater caves and tunnels in Malta, swimming with hammerheads in the Galapagos, wandering through the Royal Navy’s HMS Proselyte (which sank in 1801) at St Martin, or witnessing the coral polyps releasing clouds of sperm and eggs on Aprils’ full moon in Western Australia. The undersea is, in many ways, the world’s last frontier.

Before you can dive, you need to be certified fit by a medical professional; this involves a quick, standard test which you can either have at home (ask at your local clinic) or once you arrive at your destination (arranged by diving schools). Most people pass the test easily, although some conditions, like asthma, automatically put you on the borderline.

The Red Sea

Stretching from the Bab El Mandab (between Yemen and Ethiopia) and the point where the Sinai peninsula splits into Eilat and Suez, the vast Red Sea is one of the world’s most popular diving spots: it offers a wide range of marine life, warm water, good visibility, coral formations, and both shallow and deep diving.


The most accessible place in Asia is Thailand, and the best spots in Thailand are some of the islands off the west coast of the Thai peninsula.


The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most extensive and colourful reef systems in the world, and the outer sections of the reef are best.


Hundreds of islands in the Caribbean-Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, Bermuda, Bahamas, Bonaire, Tobago, Cuba, and many others-are known for their colourful coral formations, warm waters, and abundant fishes, ranging from the enthralling colours of small fish (such as parrotfish, demselfish and hogfish), and to friendly large fish, including sharks and dolphins, that have got used to divers feeding them.

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