Have more fun in the sun and be SAFE!

As summer beckons New England and the rest of the United States, it is always best to be prepared and safe for the upcoming season. There are numerous ways to get into trouble and so knowing some basic safety tips could mean the difference between a great and a not so great time under the sun. The American Red Cross lists several safety suggestions. Below are just a few of the things to think about this summer.

Water Safety

  • Swim in supervised areas only.
  • Obey all rules and posted signs.
  • Pay attention to local weather conditions and forecasts.

Boating Safety

Whether you’re the captain of a schooner or a passenger on a skiboat, following safety guidelines ensures your safety and that of other seafarers.

  • Be weather wise:
    Sudden wind shifts, lightning flashes and choppy water all can mean a storm is brewing. Bring a portable radio to check weather reports.
  • Bring extra gear you may need:
    A flashlight, extra batteries, matches, a map of where you are, flares, sun tan lotion, first aid kit, extra sunglasses. Put those that need to be protected in a watertight pouch or a container that floats.
  • Tell someone where you’re going, who is with you, and how long you’ll be away.

Sun Safety

Summer means fun in the sun! But be safe — don’t let a heat-related illness ruin your day.
Always drink plenty of water and take frequent breaks when working or playing in the hot weather.

Hiking and Camping Safety

Many families will head to our national parks and forests this summer to enjoy the great outdoors. But if you’re not prepared to rough it in the woods, hiking or camping can be a rough experience. The best way to help guarantee a good time for all is to plan ahead carefully and follow commonsense safety precautions.

For more summer safety tips, visit American Red Cross