Fellow Bloggers —Something for you!

Recently I was sent an email about an new blog application. I know this is a bit off the travel topic, but I thought it would be fitting for others out there who also blog like myself. What it is, is an website where you can make slide shows and then blog about them. So if you were writing a blog about your trip to the beach, you could use this slide show application and have tons of photos being played in your blog more thoroughly giving an idea about what you did! You can view other peoples blogs and photos as well — maybe you will even get an idea for you next trip this way!!

Check it out at NachoFoto

So whether you blog directly on the website, or attach it to your own website — It is a great way to make your photo worth 1,000 words!

Here is an example from their site

Make Your Own Slideshow | More Slideshows