Affordable International travel destinations

As prices go up, the interest to many to travel overseas goes down. Sadly even our neighbor Canada, is becoming unafr0dable to visit. The New York Times however went on a search to locate destinations that will not deplete your wallet entirely. Read below for more from The Stretch-Your-Dollar Travel Planner

When a bottled water in London sets you back $5, an ordinary croque monsieur in Paris runs $15, and a dollar bill in Québec City buys only $1.02 CAN (thanks for nothing, Canada!), the appetite for international travel pretty much disappears. But it doesn’t have to. The Mexican peso has barely budged over the past five years; Belize politely pegs its dollar to ours at a two-to-one ratio; Ecuador now accepts only greenbacks; and even euro-zone countries are affordable, if you take a chance on group travel, or stay away from the major cities.

Easy to get to and consistently cheap—so long as you avoid the big resort towns. Plus the peso’s a pleasant eleven to the dollar.

The dollar’s held relatively steady against the Egyptian pound, and everything’s cheap here anyway.

The geographically blessed nation switched currencies from the sucre to the U.S. dollar in 2000.

The dollar’s modest dip in 2007 did little to offset how incredibly inexpensive Vietnam is.

Yes, the Euro and the pound have been killing the dollar. But that doesn’t mean a European vacation is entirely out of the question. You just have to be smarter about where you go.

Closer to Home

No customs hassles, no confusing coinage, no pocket translators, no currency calculators. Just bring a debit card and a sense of adventure.

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