Great guide for the New Year

If travel is on your calendar this year make sure not to forget to pack up your travel guide! This week GoNOMADs own Max Hartshorne wrote a short article on a new travel guide that might just be your next travel friend. The company Ideo Eyes Open Chronicle books are not your average guides. No, instead these books open the eyes of the traveler from seeing the tourist hot spots to looking—”really looking—at their surroundings.” A clip from Max’s article, Ideo Field Guides: A Stand-out Among the Travel Books is below:

Here is what’s cool about these books: The shape of the book, laid out horizontally with a hard cover, is easy to flip through, so you don’t have to hold the page open. They have a little elastic you can wrap around so you can mark your place. The text is minimal with very arty and cool photographs with each entry.

They aren’t trying to be your Uncle’s guide to New York, with info on all of the sites. They instead pick out places and things most of us have never heard of, like Metronaps, where you can take a snooze in a pod in suite 2210 of the Empire State Building.

The book categorizes travelers into logical groups, as they say ‘each one of us is an Observer, a Diner, a Shopper and a Mingler.

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