Welcome to the New Travel Reader Blogger, Megan

We have found a new blogger to put up daily posts on Travel Reader. She is Megan Cross and a student at UMass. Watch this space for new travel posts from GoNOMAD and around the web.

Just published on GoNOMAD: Sports fanatics in Rome live the life of their team. Read about the Eternal City’s passion for sport in a new article on GoNOMAD.com.

“Alessandro sits with his head buried in the pages of the Corriere dello Sport waiting for the barista to bring him his gran caffé. AS Roma play Catania at the Stadio Olimpico in less than five hours and he can’t wait for the match.

“Roma is my life, my passion”, he says. “It’s football, football, football. You can see how important football is to the people here by walking down the residential streets on a Sunday afternoon.”

“When the match is on, the streets are deserted. All you can hear are the televisions behind the shutters tuned to whichever match is on.” The coffee at Sant Eustachio is some of the best available in Rome and at times it can be difficult to get through the door as locals and tourists alike compete for the little room there is at the bar.”