Couple floating in infinity pool, Oia, Santorini, Greece (© Upperhall Ltd/Robert Harding/Jupiterimages)

Every February 14th, the country celebrates the name of St. Valentine by exchanging candy, flowers, and gifts between loved ones…. or that is how it is supposed to be. So while searching online I found a perfect article for today, the Most Romantic Travel Destinations! This site offers several sights that lovers should be sure not to miss! Here are a few:

Secluded Romance in Molokai, Hawaii

The romance of the Hawaiian Islands is hardly a secret, yet Molokai, Hawaii‘s fifth-largest island, remains virtually tourist-free. A little patience is required on the island whose informal motto is “Slow down: you’re on Molokai,” and the destination is surely not one for hardcore partiers or nightlife junkies. It’s perfect, however, for honeymooners and romance seekers.
Guests can enjoy a taste of the paniolo (cowboy) lifestyle with a ride around the ranch property. Another famous Molokai activity is taking a Molokai mule ride down the cliffs that descend into the village of Kalaupapa with breathtaking views out over the sea

Long Walks on the Beach in the Bahamas

Are you looking for some serious alone time with the one you love? The Bahamas’ Out Islands of Exuma and Eleuthera get my vote for the perfect romantic getaway. Head to Exuma, a long chain consisting of 365 islands, the vast majority of which are uninhabited. You can charter a boat from the capital of George Town (try Off Island Adventures, at and have them drop you off at a secluded cay — now you can spend the day at your own private beach. Some of the cays are little more than a long stretch of sandbar; the setting is completely peaceful and isolated — you’re surrounded by clear water as far as the eye can see.
If you’re looking for a more luxurious retreat, try Eleuthera. This 110-mile long fishing island is famous for its lovely pink sand beaches, dramatic cliffs, and sheltered coves. Eleuthera, a former exclusive retreat that’s been off the radar for many years, has been bouncing back with new resorts.

Off-Season Romance in Boston

Boston is beautiful any time of year, but a mid-winter getaway to the historical city can be an extra-special trip. With the annual throngs of tourists usually not arriving until March or April, Boston in wintertime can be a magical, cozy place. With or without snow on the ground, the crisp, cold air; the exquisite architecture and storied buildings; the beautiful neighborhoods and public spaces; and the old city charm provide a singular backdrop against which to smooch, snuggle, or otherwise canoodle with your loved one.

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