Horseback riding in Chile

A new article posted on GoNOMAD, gives a firsthand account of the country of Chile and the excitement of horseback riding along the ocean. Here’s a brief clip:

Castro is the shabby, colourful capital of Chiloe, two thirds of the way to the southern tip of Chile. Chiloe is a fertile archipelago. The Chilote are an independent island people. They fish and farm, and live in shingled houses. Chiloe boasts an array of wooden churches, many over two hundred years old, which are UNESCO world heritage sites.

After two hours, having dropped off all the locals, we arrive in the bleak, soggy hamlet of Cucao, and stop outside a sign reading “Parador Darwin.”

The driver offers to book us in there for lunch. Our companions head towards the entrance to the National Park. A sign near an abandoned wooden house says: “Horses for Rent”. We decide to seek out some horses and a guide.
We are directed across a marsh to a small house where Nelson, a handsome, quiet gaucho type, tells us he has three horses and needs to borrow a fourth.
Nelson, accompanied by a stray black Labrador and his mongrel, leads us through the deserted village, down a path through wind-covered dunes.

The icy Pacific wind hits us as we get our first glimpse of the ocean. The sky has cleared to cobalt with splashes of foamy white clouds.

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