Eco-friendly cross-country skiing

One of the best parts about cross-country skiing is the beauty of being out in mother nature, enjoying all that she has to offer. Unfortunately much of this is being taken away due to deforestation, erosion, and construction. We are slowly hacking away at the majestic forests some of us call home. Lucky for you and I, some cross-country ski resorts have also taken this into account and are doing all they can to protect and preserve the environment. An article in MSNBC spoke on this topic and listed areas which are helping our planet. To learn more, keep reading this excerpt from “Cross-country ski resorts go green” :

Part of the beauty of cross-country (xc) skiing is the close connection with nature that this sport encourages. Naturally, xc ski resorts are at the forefront of environmental education and ecologically aware operations. These xc resorts—many of them small family-run businesses, take “going green” very seriously in order to preserve our winter experience.

These small resort owners design and build facilities in an environmentally sensitive manner, manage forest and vegetation and handle potentially hazardous waste properly.

The eco-active efforts of these resorts are not typically huge investments, but xc ski area operators have much to be proud of with many small but meaningful accomplishments. If everyone did their small part in protecting our environment, the problems faced by the world would be reduced.

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