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Kelly Westhoff, who writes and blogs for GoNOMAD, has recently changed to format of her blog. Where Global Roam used to be, The er Files now exist. The er Files focus on tidbits about the freelancing life of a writer. Westhoff writes about different topics every few days on different and unique topics. Her latest entry is about a book called The Buenos Aires Broken Hearts Club. Here’s a selection from it.

I just finished reading a book called The Buenos Aires Broken Hearts Club. The author’s name is Jessica Morrison and her main character, Cassie, flees to the city of good airs after being fired, dumped and evicted from her Seattle life all in one day.

While the book is billed as fiction, the author says up front in her author’s note that she went to Buenos Aires after a divorce and on more or less a broken heart. After reading it, it was very clear to me that the author had indeed spent time in the city.

I picked up the book because I, too, went to live in Buenos Aires when I had a broken heart. It was 1997 when I went and the city soothed me. Well, there’s nothing really “soothing” about Buenos Aires. It’s a massive, crowded, noisy, bright and caffeinated city. Perhaps it would be better if I said that Buenos Aires distracted me. It distracted me from my broken heart long enough for it to heal.

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