The Beautiful Cote d’Azure

The ancient village of Gourdon

In a new travel article by Kent E. St. John on GoNOMAD, the beauty and adventures of Cote d’Azure in France are discussed. St. John writes about numerous activities and things to do on the coast. Here’s a sample from the piece.

As I struggled through a massive breakfast from my rooftop perch at Opio I noticed a huge mountain in the distance. A fellow early eater noted my interest and told me that he happened to be at the top of that mountain the day before. His description of a rock fortress and a small ancient village convinced me that Gourdon might make the perfect first village to explore. It was.

The stone village of Gourdon was stunning, and the view from La Place Victoria simply amazing. Far out on the horizon the blue of the Mediterranean was interspersed with cities and towns such as Cannes and the Antibes.

Hang gliders seemed to float like colorful butterflies and the air was lit in shades that only a painter could describe.

Behind me the massive peak of Castellarras stood like an ancient sentry. There was a fantastic option open to those with a sense of adventure, a hike down the mule path, once the only way in and out of Gourdon.

Hiking down the Gorge du Loup wasn’t difficult, but caution is needed as it is rocky and can be steep. It was sheer peaceful delight. Plants and natural herbs blended into a symphony of fragrance only bested by visual stimuli of a blessed panorama.

A few hours later I sat near the pool at Opio with a glass of local wine in hand and no wallet. A thirsty man with no budget restrictions… the Opio style was rapidly growing on me.

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