Riding the Rails in Scandinavia

Aboard Sweden's X-2000 train - photos by Kent St. John

In a new article on GoNOMAD, Senior Travel Editor Kent E. St. John writes about a recent trip to Sweden and Finland. Though both countries are often overlooked on a first-timers trip to Europe, St. John writes about how both countries have as much to offer as the other, more popular, European nations. Here’s a selection.

A short walk from Malmo’s central train station in the heart of the old city took me to the Hotel Master Johan, a wonderfully half-timbered building that fits in perfectly with the city’s old heart and very near the Lilla Torg. It is from the Lilla Torg that Malmo’s late medieval streets emanate.

It was a great coincidence that I was visiting just as the Danish Royal Family was hooking up with the Swedish Royal family on the square. Malmo has been under control of both several times over the years, and the city is worth battling over. These days, however, the two royal families get along royally.

Malmo has recently risen like the phoenix after some years of decline. Now the city sparkles with energy. Just outside the old center industrial space has been converted into ultra sleek living spaces and fantastic modern architecture.

The keystone of the city’s revitalization was architect Santiago Calatrava’s 54-story marvel, the Twisted Torso.

The Torso is a spectacle of engineering and anchors Malmo’s emergence as one of Scandinavia’s fastest growing centers. Many choose the city as home, and work across the Oresund Straight in Copenhagen. The combination of old and new makes Malmo a special place to start a journey through Sweden.

Clearly, Scandinavia has a lot to offer. It sounds like its definitely worth checking out on the next pass through Europe. Read the rest of the article on GoNOMAD.com