More to Vegas Than Gambling

Joel Robuchon at the MGM Grand is the chef's first US restaurant.

Las Vegas isn’t just for gamblers anymore. The city has become a hot spot for younger people, especially with families, as revealed in a new article on by Beth D’Addono. Whereas people used to just blow their winnings back in the casino, they are now spending it on attractions, shows, and restaurants in and around the hotels as well. This accounts for big portions of the money brought in to the “City of Sin,” almost as much as gambling brings in. Here’s a selection from the article.

In a town where nongaming revenues have finally caught up with the gaming kind, rock star chefs, over-the-top accommodations, and big ticket entertainment give the 38.9 million annual visitors plenty of ways to blow through any winnings. If what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, for gamblers that includes their money, to the tune of about $8.2 billion last year.

For the down and out, it can be a town without pity, but if you’re on top, living large is what it’s all about. Not sure which way the dice are going to roll? Not to worry, Vegas can cover you.

For high rollers . . .

In a place known for coddling big money players with complimentary everything, the boom in luxury suites is geared to anybody who can afford a 10,000-square-foot loft overlooking the Strip.

While some casinos don’t advertise their most luxurious rooms, reserving them for gamers, there are dozens of $10,000-plus-per-night suites in town, spots with amenities like butlers, bowling lanes, and hydraulic beds. If they are available, and you can afford them, these digs can be yours.

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