Finding the Best Food In Mexico City

Sarah Wolff writes in a new article on GoNOMAD about finding the best local foods in Mexico City. Though sometimes a tourist would expect to eat things like tacos or fajitas, Wolff found that there are many other options which are just as pleasing to the taste buds. Here’s a selection.

Rainbow-colored papel picado (paper decoration) flags hang from the ceiling, and giant chicharrón (pork skin) fryers dot the tile floor. Roving mariachi bands and caricaturists go table to table, and small children take over the stage area.

Helen and I are dwarfed by long rectangular tables of 12, 16, 20 people out with their families for some tequila and barbacoa-fueled revelry.

The sopes, thick little tortilla rounds piled with refried beans, cheese, chicken and lettuce, are freakishly good. Arroyo’s barbacoa, (tender roasted meat), is served with stewed cactus, called nopales, and corn tortillas. It has a bit of a wild flavor. The meat falls off the bone.

Virgina Lopez, a manager, comes to speak with us. Spanish deficiencies lead to a surreal moment where Helen, Virginia and I are all mooing and baaing at one another. For the next two days, we think we’ve eaten goat. Finally we figure out that the word Virginia used, carnero, means ram – a sheep with all its manhood intact.

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