The Latest Travel Gadgets

In a recent article on GoNOMAD, I talk about four different travel accessories that are making a stir. Here’s a selection from the article.

oYIKES 24.7 Packs Within Packs
Ever have the problem of too many bags and not enough room? oYIKES has the solution for you. Introducing the 24.7 Slingback pack set, you get three bags in one with a convenient and comfortable strap. Like a Babushka Doll, the bags fit comfortably inside each other. In the smallest bag you can fit travel accessories like iPods, chargers, and travel alarm clocks. GoNOMAD Editor Max Hartshorne has quickly become an oYikes fan since he finally has found a place for all those chargers and cords. In the medium sized bag you can fit a book or magazine, airline tickets, or even a small portfolio. In the largest bag you can keep your laptop safe from damage or theft, all while keeping a bag lunch or spare clothes inside as well. Once you’ve got the bag on, you don’t need to worry about fumbling in your pocket to find you cell phone because a cell phone pouch is located right on the strap. These bags are great for outdoor activities like biking, hiking, or kayaking, as the single strap rests on you shoulder and back, freeing up your arms. The single strap has a trendy European look too, so you’re bound to get some good feedback. oYIKES sells the bags for $145 directly from their website. These bags are a must if you stress about saving space when you travel.
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