High Altitude Hiking in India

GoNOMAD writer Mridula Dwivedi describes in her new article the challenges of a trek in the Spiti region of India.

The biggest question of the day was whether to take Avomine (anti-nausea medicine for our motion sickness) or not? Dilip and I decided to take it and Sesha did not. All of us reached safely to Langza after a 45 minute drive.

Langza has around 20 houses in all and such places instantly appeal to us, because deep at heart we believe we are small town people.

Buddha at Langza
Buddha at Langza

We were dropped at the local monastery and our homestay was at a distance of 500m downhill. This was our first experience of staying at home of local people and I have to say, it was really nice…

Langza is framed by the mountain range Chocho Khang Nilda and the village is beautiful. Because of the altitude of 14435 feet my head started feeling funny after an hour or so.

Sesha actually took ill in the evening (after our visit to see the fossils found here) due to the altitude and not paying enough attention to it. After a very anxious night, he thankfully recovered in the morning and we could start our trek to Komik as planned.

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