Granny Goes to Greenland

Connie Maria Westergaard and her adventurous grandmother Birthe say that “ for most of their lives, they have dreamt of going to Greenland.”

While this pair is far from the first to travel to the location, the fact that Birthe was so adamant about making the trip at age eighty, makes one stop and wonder. What is so exciting and alluring about Greenland that made the senior woman leave her cozy home, in exchange for several days in the freezing cold.

According to the lively duo, Greenland has much to offer and greatly compensates for its occasional bitter winds.

First there are the stunning sunsets that light up your skin and fill your soul. Birthe and Connie arrived in Ilulissat on the West coast of Greenland. Although it was March and two degrees Fahrenheit, the shining sun, glistening snow, and unearthly sunset, made up for any chills they felt.

Something else especially fun about vacationing in Greenland, is the chance to go dogsledging in the mountains.

“Grandma and I get ready for the ride of our lives, and an absolute ‘must do’ if you visit Greenland during Winter. Today we are going dogsledging, and wearing three layers of clothes, warm boots and seal skin outfits on top to keep us warm during the next two hours.

Soon we are driving at top speed across the frosty, glittering snow, while passing mountains on both sides. The area surrounding Ilulissat is hilly ground. Thus we experience the dogs running in front of the sledge, when it goes uphill, and behind the sledge acting as brakes, when it goes downhill.

Although it is a bumpy ride, it tickles your stomach when the sledge jumps over the big rocks. I must admit I am a little worried about Grandma, who is convinced she got the most speed-crazy driver of them all. We have to hold on tight in order not to fall off the sledge, and at times it gets rough. However, afterwards grandma has no regrets. That was an old dream come true back there, she says. “

Source: Connie Maria Westergaard